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The Power of the Decree

Discover, understand, and unlock the true power of the decree!

We live in a media savvy culture. It’s as simple as that. We are constantly stimulated by images projected to us by a screen. For some, the images are funny, for others they are horrendous. Some images bring a sense of joy, and others produce sorrow. Some causes inspiration to rise, while others stir up our insecurities. Whatever the reaction, the medium is still the same. However, there is a medium that we do not often engage with. The decree; using the auditory mechanism built within us to release a level of positivity over our lives. The power of the decree exists so that you can live a life that is fueled with grace, joy, endurance, and sustainability. What we decree over our lives and what we allow to be decreed, determines the formation of our lifestyles. Don't believe me? Well, let's break it down.

What is a decree? It is an order usually having the force of law. Or, as another definition describes, it is a foreordaining will. So, you may be wondering, “Rapheal, what does this mean? Break it down for the people.” Basically, a decree is a command or words, given or spoken, with the intent to set up the future. How does a command set up the future? Well, thank you for asking. Think about a time where your mother gave you a command. Take out the garbage, wash the dishes, take the meat out of the freezer to thaw, clean your room. I could go on, but the point is that each statement I just made, is a command that set the tone for the future. By taking out the garbage, you ensured the house was clean. By taking the meat out to defrost, you secured a good meal. By cleaning your room, you developed a discipline for having things a certain way. The command was to set up the future.

In our everyday life, we have the opportunity to start and finish our day with decrees. By sending a command out, we set up the future for ourselves. Some call it karma, some call it the universe responding, I call it an act of authority granted through the power of God. Decrees are powerful! Our everyday language even acts as a decree.

Think about this. What language are you surrounded by everyday? Are you coming in contact with affirmations and effective words? Do the people around you uplift and sustain you with words that are fueled with love and positivity? Or on the flip side, do you find yourself confronted with words of negativity? Do the people you allow into your space constantly pile on doubt, hopelessness, and complaints? Take a moment and consider the fact that whatever you take in, is a decree. Take the consideration further and think about where your own thoughts are, and see if they line up with what surrounds you. Positive decrees breed purpose-filled people. Negative decrees breed stagnation and a sense of instability. What is manifesting in your life? Where is your mind? Could it be, that the change you are looking for is waiting to be activated with decrees that are backed with confidence?

Now let me be clear, decrees alone do not have the power to change our lives. The purpose of the decree is to trigger progressive behaviors by changing our perspective. For example, I decree every single day that it will be a good day. Every day. Now, I am not going to tell you that every day is a good day as a result because it is not. Life happens and things occur that bring about a “bad day”. However, because I have fortified myself with a decree that I speak daily, what should be categorized as a bad day, doesn't always feel like a bad day. The decree has shifted my perspective to always exist on a positive wavelength. So much so, until little annoyances and hiccups don’t even affect me anymore. This is because I decreed to my day that it will be good. Then, I move through my day believing what I said and continually rehearsed it.

One of my favorite scriptures hung on the refrigerator in my parent’s house for years growing up is, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.” This was followed by a challenge to speak life. This scripture lays out a simple choice. Use the auditory mechanism that we possess to speak life or death. I challenge you to enact the power of the decree to speak life over yourself. Use the ability you have to root and ground your life in constant progression and gladness. Send out orders to your day and set up your future to reflect the abundant life we were all promised.

I leave you with a charge. For the next 21 days I want you to decree the same thing everyday. Speak something positive, something fruitful. It could be as simple as my day will be a good day. It can be that you will not be nervous about that big test coming up. It can even be that you will not give up on your weight loss goal. Whatever the decree is, say it and stand on it for the next 21 days. At the end I want you to come back here and let me know how you are feeling. If there is a positive change, you can even share your testimony with your networks with the hashtag #ThePowerofDecree.

Now there is one thing that must happen with your decree; you must put action behind it. The bible says that faith without action is dead. The same applies here. A decree without actions that support it, will be words, and only that. We are changing our lifestyle and transforming the way we look and move in this world. Grab hold of your decree, put an action plan in place, and let’s grow together.

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