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Get to the Root

If you want to enact real change in your life, start by getting to the root of whatever is holding you back.

Often times, we come to a point where we notice that a problem has arisen in our lives. It could be snacking in times of stress as a coping mechanism, emotions spiraling out of control over the smallest of things or turning to substances as a means to gain relief. Each example is an indicator that something deeper is happening here. There is an unceasing alarm blaring in the background. However, we cannot hear it due to having earplugs in and not noticing that our surface level actions, are a tell of a deeper issue. So what do we do? What is the template to extracting a problem while maintaining the good parts of ourselves?

I like to use a term “Get to the the Root”. Allow me to explain. Roots, in a natural sense, are the underground branches of the tree. They reach down into the ground to get the nutrients and water for the growth and sustainability of the tree. It’s what anchors the tree in place. They are the foundation that is sturdy enough to keep pace with the size and support the dimensions of the tree. In other words, the roots support the growth and stabilize the tree. The deeper the root, and stronger the tree.

In our lives we must be conscious of what we allow to take root within us. The root will not only stabilize the unhealthy organisms, but also steal nutrients away that we need. Think about your life right now and analyze it. See what takes away from your energy, what steals your joy, and what robs you of happiness. Could it be that a root has established itself at the core of who you are and is depleting you and creating a weakened vessel? If so, you must extract the root. Get that thing out of there. Take that problem, that hindrance, that stronghold and pull it up at the root! How do we do that? Here are 5 things to do when extracting a root.

Trace it

Our anger, our bad habits, our constant slip ups all have root. The sooner you realize and accept that, the sooner you can begin to trace it. Get the help and find the assistance you need to track and assess where the root is. You can't and should not do this alone, so seek out a mentor, spiritual adviser, and even a therapist. Tracing is the first step to triumph. Say that to yourself. Yes. Outloud. Right now. Tracing is the first step to triumph.

Dig a hole to the root

Tracing is accompanied by digging. The act of digging requires the shifting of things already in place. Years of being comfortable with the root and packing it down with lots of excuses, fertilizing it with rationalization, and feeding it with justification has made you comfortable with it. Digging a hole to expose the root is going to be hard. It brings us to a state of vulnerability that we may not be ready for. Digging is critical and pulling back the layers will pay off in the long run. Don’t neglect digging. Push past the discomfort, double down on your decision to change and dig. Clear out the every excuse surrounding that root and expose that thing.

Cut the root

Tracing and digging sounds real good but cutting, well that’s a whole different ball game. Cutting is the final step in removing the root. Because cutting ultimately kills the organism, it will feel like it is killing you. Something that has attached to us that we must now detach from is going to feel horrible. I rest on a scripture, Phillipians 1:21, makes the bold statement that to die is to gain. What do I mean by this? Causing that root to die through the act of cutting, positions you to receive the revitalizing power of Christ. I’m shifting my language here but getting to the root is a spiritual act and by default, so is cutting the root. By dying, you allow the life of Christ, the creator, to revive you with the nutrients you need. You think letting go of that root will kill you, but what you don’t realize is that life after this life you have been living, will be more fulfilling and more enriching. You want the restoration of your hope, you want your dreams to come alive, you want your purpose to be reignited. I dare you to cut the root and let that joker die. Constrict the oxygen, stifle the water you gave it and watch that pernicious root wither before your very eyes. It's time to get these gains!

Fill the hole

You now have this hole where something used to exist. Once the root is gone, you must fill it. Not with the things that led you to the root in the first place, but with true nutrients. You must now ground yourself in wholeness. Allow something good to take root. Filling the hole will solidify your decision and ensure that what you just extracted does not reattach itself. Let me put it like this, once you get the rat out of your house, you don't leave the hole open and allow the rat to re-enter. You plug that hole up, so another rat doesn't get the same idea. Don’t leave a gateway open for more infiltration. Fill the hole to prohibit the return of the root. Give yourself a fighting chance.

Be accountable

Remember that mentor, that spiritual adviser, and that therapist I talked about earlier? Yea, they aren’t out of the equation just yet. Once you fill the hole, you need a community to help you keep it filled. There may come a point where you want to dig out everything you just put in there to reinsert the root that had you bound. You will desire the comfort and the security it gave you, but it will never satisfy you fully. I can guarantee it. You need people around you who will be the gatekeepers and accountability partners for your continued success. Let me burst your bubble and tell you that you cannot do life alone!! You were never meant to, and if you believe that, I want you to hear me and hear me good, that is not healthy!! If there is one thing that I want to stick out of everything you just read; it’s get you some people who are going to encourage you to stay on this new path. Get you some people who will cause you to be real with yourself. Get you some people who are willing to fight for the sustainability of your wholeness. It is the only way to keep the root from coming back.

A lot has been said but, I want to leave you with these final words. They are words of prayer. My prayer is that you will receive the revelation and illumination to discover the roots of destruction and stagnation in your life. That once they are discovered that you would not be afraid to dig and extract the root of the problem. I pray that people will be strategically placed in your life, who will be committed to seeing you better. I pray that after reading these words, that you will have divine boldness to walk in a state of liberty and come to the place where you desire to live life purposefully. I pray that you realize that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. I pray for forward movement, and I decree that a change will take place in your life as you follow the steps and make this critical decision. We declare this to be so, in Jesus name, Amen.

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