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Fight for Your Peace

If you are anything like me, you are faced with fights daily. You fight to get out of bed. You fight through traffic to get to work. You fight to stay awake throughout the day. You even have to fight to be nice to people. No matter the fight, there is a tugging between two sides. The desire to press through versus the craving to succumb. Dealing with disturbances is part of life. However, there is one in particular we often allow to be stolen. This affects your outlook, your productivity, and ultimately your joy. This fight is the fight for your peace.

Fight is defined as “taking part in a violent struggle involving the exchange of physical blows or the use of weapons.” This definition is a true description of the fight for your peace. With so many forces coming against individuals these days, it's a struggle to maintain your peace. We have family issues, school, work, reminders of our shortcomings, among a myriad of other things. It’s to the point that it seems like an all out attack filled with hard blows and the use of multiple weapons. Not physical weapons, but the devices of the time. Our phones bring disruption to our peace. Have you ever gotten a text that sent you over? Ever been scrolling and seen a post that magnified your insecurities and made you anxious? Have you ever been on a phone call filled with the unloading of gossip and bad news? What do all of these scenarios have in common? They all have the ability to rob you of your peace. Not just annoy you, but violently uproot your foundation of peace. It is for this reason that we must fight.

I am urging you to fight like you've never fought before. Your quality of life and your future depends on it. Peace is not just some nice thing to hope for, it is your right! You have been promised a measure of peace, but like anything good in life you have to work for it, and in this case, contend. This is not the time to be passive, it's time to be aggressive with what is yours. Have you ever owned anything valuable? You take care and protect that thing because without it, there would be a void. Your peace is that valuable, and it's worth the fight. Now what are some realistic ways to contend for our peace?

One way is cutting people off. Now this is not your excuse to go into isolation. You still need people in your life, just the right people. But learn to discern and recognize the disturbances and cut them off. I don't care if it’s your best friend of 10 years, or a favorite cousin. In order to win, the battle requires you to subdue whatever is in the way of victory. Bring that relationship to a close, so you can have rest for your soul.

Another way to contend is living above the noise. When I say this I am talking about the noise of opinion. Remember, just like noses, everybody has one. The sooner you learn to listen to a frequency that resonates above the noise of opinion, the sooner you heart, mind and soul will be able to operate on one accord. Not being affected by the opinions of others is a hard fight, but victory over that will be sweet. At the end of the day I want you to win and enacting these things will secure your triumph.

Beyond winning, I want you to be prepared for every stage of your life. Don’t be fooled into thinking that peace is a final destination. It is a place that you must safeguard; and a part of that is being fully aware of opposition and obstruction. So let me be the one to tell you. Every time there is a promotion or an elevation in your life, prepare for an assault on your peace. Like any strategic person, you must lean on your community, and rely on discernment to know where disruption is coming from. This level of awareness will give you the upper hand and help you keep your peaceful place secure.

All the potential you possess, I want to see it expressed and released. In order for that to happen, you must fight for your peace. It is my prayer that you would realize the root cause of conflict and unrest in your life. My prayer is that you will contend daily for peace in your mind, body and soul. May you have the courage to make the necessary changes, and establish a lifestyle fueled by the peace of God. I pray you are freed from the opinions of others, and live the rest of your days above the noise. I pray that peace will give you security in your identity, clarity in your vision, and an abundance of life.

It’s critical that you fight everyday. Now go and take back your peace!

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