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This week my sole purpose is to frame your thinking to travel through the lens of affirmations. Affirmation is nothing more than a positive assertion. In other words, it's a declaration fueled and framed by positivity. The act of affirming is powerful. Both for ourselves and others. I would also go as far as to say that affirmations should be apart of your daily routine. Consider this. The bible states that Life and Death are in the power of the tongue. With this in mind, in order to bring life to your day, and breathe life into some else’s, you must enact the power of affirmation. Here are 4 acts of affirmation we can perform each day.

Name something you are thankful for

When you open your eyes in the morning, do not reach for your phone. Instead, take a moment and say something that you are thankful for. This will shift your thinking into a positive gear before it is influenced by social media and the normal flow of your day.

Read an encouraging scripture

I am a proponent of reading scriptures. The word of God is powerful and has the ability to speak to our hearts, minds, and souls. Answers are found in the word, issues can be resolved using the word of God, and affirmation can come through the word of God.

Compliment someone or praise them for something good they did

Affirmation can oftentimes be self-serving, but what if we decided to serve our fellow brother or sister by affirming them. Sometimes people just need a shot of positivity to keep them going. Be mindful enough to notice the good in someone else, and then tell them. Pay attention to the strengths of someone and encourage them to keep it up. Be the person to make their day, be the reason someone smiles. Be the joyful presence that breaks through the negative cloud.

Declare something good about your day

Whether it's getting through the workday, completing a project, or finishing an essay for class, declare that you will accomplish what you set out to do. I oftentimes say “Rapheal, today will be a good day” because I believe my mindset is half the battle. Don’t begin your day without arming yourself.

Each day is meant to be conquered. Each day is meant to build us and develop us. Just remember that all development isn’t external, but comes from what we do and say. Affirmation builds, develops, and causes us to be conquerors. Stock your day with acts of affirmation, and let's all continue to grow together.

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