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Words have power

What will you do with that power?

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Dear 2020 Cover.jpg

Dear 2020 will be released on December 28th


Meet Rapheal Mathis 

Poet, Speaker, MC, Visionary 

Rapheal Mathis has been a spoken word artist for 10 years. After experiencing poetry in an 8th grade language arts class, Rapheal was inspired to put his thoughts on paper and express himself through spoken word.

Reach My People

Reach My People is dedicated to inspiring you to realize your power, purpose, and potential. This realization comes through the articulation of words and speech. Reach My People believes that creativity and declaration are the engines by which words can change, shift and transform lives when used correctly.

Soul Food 

How often do we feed our souls with positive nutrients. The right words, fueled with the correct motive has the ability to fill our souls with everything we need. Check out these blogs and give your soul what it is hungry for. 




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